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28 May 2008 @ 09:22 am
Hey everyone!
I can't believe that i let it get to 8 months and i haven't said a word, i guess life gets in the way of everything and between work, school and of course lots of TV watching i seem to have forgotten about writing here. Since i had the day off today, i thought i would stop by and say hi and fill you all in on my TV thoughts.

First we will start with OTH all i can say is OMG, OMG. I have watched the finale about 20 times already and i sense there will be more to come. The whole thing was out of this world amazing. I am a massive Lucas and Peyton fan and with how they left it with the cliffhanger i have nothing but questions and so want some answers. There last scene together, just makes me want to cry every time i see it. His words and her words were one of the best awwww moments ever!! I think the whole of Season 5 has been amazing, except for a few road blocks along the way, i thought it was one of the best seasons ever!!

Next Brothers and sisters, i love the show but i am now in LOVE with Justin and Rebecca, i just think they make the cutest couple and the finale just proved me right!! I was so glad she wasn't a walker, it actually made my day!! I so can't wait to see what they have lined up for these two characters!!!

Then on to a new obsession of mine GREEK!! A friend of mine told me to watch it so i trusted her judgement and brought the DVD and now i am obsessed!! The whole things is so great and just so cute. I am in LOVE with Cappie and Casey and pretty much everyone on the show, well besides a few but it always happens that way.
There are so many scenes that i love between everyone but the best C/C scene will always be
"I know where i want to be in ten years do you?"
"I want to be with you"
I hope those lines will hooked you and encourage you to watch. You won't regret it!!!

There was so much great stuff this year. I think everything towards the end of the year got so great! Like Grey's, who's end was nothing if not brilliant.
Although now i am not so much hooked on Prime time as i am on daytime and with General hospital! It was even a surprise to me but Robin and Patrick have now hooked me into a out of control fan! Now i pretty much love everyone from Sonny and Brenda (Although how could you not) to Jason and Elizabeth!!!
Trust me this may be my worst obsession but in the best way!!!

Anyways i think i have rambled enough for now and i could have mentioned so many more shows but i think i will leave you will a few of my stand out ones!!!
Hope everyone is well!!
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28 September 2007 @ 02:34 pm
Hey everyone!!
I am not going to start by saying "Wow it has been such a long time" this time, i thought i would just say hi and also that i am back! I am finally on hoidays which means 2 weeks of nothing but fun and not looking at a piece of paper for Tafe, well maybe one but i thought today would be the perfect day to write, considering i actually has alot to talk about!!!
First i watched Bionic woman and MAN i love this show! I thought i would totally hate it as i thought it would be an alias knockoff and if i haven't written it in a while, i would have had to be the biggest ALias fan ever so i just didn't think i could like something that looked just like it but man was i wrong! This show is amazing, i just love it. I love all the character and the way it is written, i am already counting down till next week. If you haven't watched it yet i very much recommend you watch and i am pretty sure you will love it! The fight scene at the end was amazing ( only one little spoiler there) Sorry, couldn't help myself!!

Now to the next brilliance on TV HOUSE!!! NOw could this show get any better. I mean how they left it last season, i was thinking how are they go to pull this off an in true house fashion they did it and they did it amazingly! I mean house and the guitar just pure humor and then of course anything House/Wilson is the cutest thing you have every seen! I feel in love with the end, how could you not though, i felt very american idol to me (which is weird that i love it because i don't like the show) but in the words of House "Bring it on""

I guess that it from me for now!! Just thought i would say hi and blabber on for a while!
Hope everyone is well and i am off to see if i can find Grey's anatomy!!!
Will report soon
16 July 2007 @ 07:46 am
Hey everyone!!!
I know i have been very incommunicato lately, which has alot to do with work and then some other personal stuff but i am back now, well sort of. I have been meaning to write in this for ages but then something comes up, i tend to forget but while i have the morning of from work i thought i should finally post!

I do have a new obsession, i watched and old episode of Mad aboout you the other day and LOVED it! I used to watch it a little when it was on TV but after that one episode i went out and brought 1-3 on DVD and just fell in love with the whole thing again! There are so many amazing moments. I am in the middle of Season 2 and it is just as well written and funny as i remember!!!

Then the other returned liking, which is The X-files!!! I never used to be the biggest fan of the show and never watched it from the start, mainly because i was just to young and it was one way to late for me hehehh! Although a good friend of mine loved it, so i brought the DVD's like 3 years ago and never got arond to watching them. Then i was sick and i watched the Pilot and OMG it was just amazing! I love the opening scene with Mulder and Scully, they both have so many chemistry and play off each other so well. This obsession led to a major marathon of different episodes of the show and Music videos and Icons!!!! I know a little lame heheh!!!

Anyways that is all from me for now! I will admit i am missing all of my old shows and i am dying to see some of the new fall shows!! Hopefully time will fly!
Hope everyone is well and having a good summer or Winter lol!!!
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18 May 2007 @ 07:06 am
Hey guys!
I woke up this morning hoping to find some great news, like they had changed there minds and Veronica Mars had been renewed but it was a whole different story when i turned on my computer and saw the many sad posts saying VM had been cancelled. I was in shock, i mean i guess i did see it coming but i really thought they might get a shot.
I can't believe there is going to be no more Veronica and worse no more Veronica and Logan...
Guess there is always DVD's but it is just not the same.
I am sure there are alot of sad faces today or tonight just wanted to say i am with you all.
In a nut shell it sucks.
I am off to work to mope about it there!!
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15 May 2007 @ 10:28 am
(12) All Hell Breaks Lose Part 1

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07 May 2007 @ 03:21 pm
[28} "Other Side of Life" (Private Practice)

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15 April 2007 @ 07:48 am
Hey guys!
I had been hearing about this show for a while, since i think it was suppose to premiere last fall but it ended up airing last night and i decided to watch it and i have to say i love it. It is not a show i would usually be interest in. It was just so damn cute. The whole thing revolves around babies and becoming pregnant, although it also had this very funny and just sweet element to it. I watched the first two episodes and i can't wait to watch more. I love the actors. The lead Jennifer Westfeldt is just so amazing.
I love how the leading couple really shows how worried they are and demonstate what is going to happen in this week and that week.
The whole things is as i have said before so cute!
Anyways if you want a light comedy, i recomend you watch this one!!
That's it for now!

Here is the first episode
Notes from the underbelly
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03 April 2007 @ 09:43 am
Hey everyone!
I know i am a bad person, i haven't posted in ages. With my other communites and that thing that takes up most our time work, it has been hard to write. Although i have the whole day today, which i times well as it is the finale of Prison Break today and i am just so damn excited!!! I swear i have been waiting so long for this!!
So after it airs i would love to hear all your thoughts. Good and Bad. I will give mine after it airs!
Have a good night everyone. I know i will!!!
Take care!
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16 March 2007 @ 09:01 pm
OMG OMG!!! I am in total shock! I just watched Grey's and wow that was one amazing episode!! Well i guess i should put it this way that was one amazing ending! From the previews i knew it was going to good, but i guess that is a common thought when someone descibes Grey's Anatomy! I mean how can you not love this show! It is just well simply put brillant! I mean the stories, the characters and of course the realtionships, those relationships that keep you guessing every week!! See that is what makes an amazing show!! I know enough rambling!

Now on to the episode!
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09 March 2007 @ 07:12 am
Hey everyone!!
So i finally got home from work yesterday (which was an excitment in itself) and had dinner and then went straight to my room to watch my tuesday night TV which i had missed. I usually always start with Veronica Mars but since that is taking a very long break, i thought i would start with House this week. I had watched the many previews and was just beyond excited, especially at a certain kiss...

So i turned on my TV and watched and as i watched i could not get over what an amazing episode it was. I was just brillant! I mean it had everything, the intrigue, the sorta romance, the comedy and of course Hugh Laurie's brillance (I know i have to stop using that word)

Now on to the reasons....

Spoilers if you haven't watched...Collapse )
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